A Wedding to Remember (2021)

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A Wedding to Remember (2021)
Opis: Olivia Owens and Brian Wolf both work for non-profits, Olivia a sustainable gardener, the centerpiece of her organization being a community garden in the center of the city, and Brian a designer of affordable housing. It is their respective passion for social good that is at the core of they being enemies at first meeting as the city has allotted the property on which her community garden sits for a new affordable housing complex designed by Brian. It isn't until they arrive at the resort where the weekend long event will be held that they learn they are both in the wedding party - maid of honor and best man - in the nuptials of their respective best friends, Jenny and Richard. To maintain harmony, Olivia and Brian decide not to tell Jenny and Richard that they have a history, let alone it being one of animosity. They decide further to call an official truce for the weekend when problems emerge between Jenny and Richard that may threaten the wedding, they knowing they having to do their duty as maid of honor and best man to help Jenny and Richard realize that their love can overcome the issue driving them apart. In trying to rekindle that spark that first brought Jenny and Richard together, Olivia and Brian find that spark between themselves, which they may not be open enough to acknowledge, especially as that property in the city will still be a sticking point between them after the weekend is over.
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