Ai qing lai le (1997)

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Ai qing lai le (1997)
Opis: Ah-Sheng is a baker. He loves singing a lot although he sings poorly. For a long time, he has been thinking about participating in a singing contest program on the cable TV. One day, he meets his dream girl who went to the same elementary school. Her name is Li-Hua. She does not remember Ah-Sheng any more. His inferiority complex makes him ashamed to tell her that he used to be her best friend in the elementary school. The only thing he can do is to secretly watch her buying lemon pies in the bakery. Seeing Li-Hua again lights up his love toward her. Also, it reminds him of the sweet memories of their past. When they were little, they both believed in the existence of the "Invisible Man." Therefore, they always investigated the whereabout of the "Invisible Man" together. The night before the graduation, Li-Hua disappeared. From then on, Ah-Sheng began to assume that Li-Hua has become invisible and kept him company ever since. Finding Li-Hua again is a great opportunity that Ah-Sheng wants to hold on to. Thus, he wants to express his feeling toward Li-Hua by joining the singing contest on the cable TV.
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