All the Moons (2020)

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All the Moons (2020)
Opis: Spain, 1876. The last days of the Third Carlist War that started in 1872 to get the throne of the country. In an undetermined valley of the Basque Country (north to the country), a church used by the nuns as orphanage for ladies (little girls abandoned by their parents) is destroyed during a bombing, killing the nuns and the girls but one, who is approached by a stranger woman claiming to have the power for healing her if she promises to stand at her side forever. She accepts to be saved, turning in a vampire by the woman who takes the girl as her own daughter, with the girl naming her Mother. Meeting to the rest of the vampire coven, Mother teaches the girl to move in the night, to feed of the dead soldiers' blood and avoid the day and sunlight. However, a group of villagers of a close town looking to kill the vampires find the nest where they hide, and in the runaway the girl falls by a cliffhanger. Alone in the forest, the girl not only learns to survive by herself hunting animals but exposes slowly her skin, burning it to acquire immunity to the sun. Ten years later, when the girl walks by a town at night looking for blood of animals, she gets trapped by the stocks of Cándido, who moves the girl to his house to heal her leg hurt, naming her Amaia. Still suffering by the death of his wife and his little daughter, Cándido adopts Amaia despite the suspicion of Don Sebastián, priest of the town, who despises Cándido after he rejected God when his wife and daughter died. While some times Amaia dreams to meet Mother again, she tries to live as human, befriending with Miguel, a boy of the town, and trying to be a good daughter for Cándido, but her vampire instincts cause troubles in the town, making that Don Sebastián think that Amaia is possessed by The Devil and that he must to exorcise her. Saving her from the priest, Cándido and Amaia escape together to live in another town. 50 years later, an aged Cándido finally dies, leaving Amaia alone again, desperate by her immortality. It's 1936. The Spanish Civil War starts, and walking by the night looking for dead soldiers Amaia not only meets a mature Miguel, but the only one person that she thought impossible to meet again: Mother.
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