Back on Track (2013)

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Back on Track (2013)
Opis: Paul Averhoff was once a great marathon runner, a legend, gold medal winner in Sydney 1958. In his day. Now, at well over 70, after repeated falls of his wife Margot, he is moving out of his familiar home after many happy years - also because daughter Birgit cannot take care of herself; she jets around the world as a flight attendant and is rarely available. In the old people's home, where Paul suddenly has to choose between a singing group and a handicraft lesson, the crucial question arises: That should have been it? Not with Paul. In order not to fall into a deep depression, he puts on his old racing shoes and begins to run in the home park. Day after day. Round by round. At first slow and pathetic, but then faster and faster. His roommates think he is crazy, especially since he claims to train for the Berlin Marathon and want to win it too. When Margot lets himself be persuaded to train him as before with a strict hand, and Paul wins a race against the young nurse Tobias, the reluctance of the residents turns into enthusiasm. The "cloudy cups" become lively again, they remember their hero from days gone by, celebrate with him and cheer him on. And processes get mixed up in the old people's home. But then Margot dies, whereupon Paul falls into deep mourning. Can he still keep the promise his wife wrested from him shortly before her death? That he will finish his race even without her, keep running, unstoppable, out of sad thoughts, towards the marathon. For himself, but also for all those to whom he would like to prove it - his daughter Birgit, his roommates, an entire city .
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