Back to Chernobyl (2020)

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Back to Chernobyl (2020)
Opis: In today's world, there are thousands of people known as the Chernobyl nuclear disasters Liquidators. These people have protected humanity from radiation, responsible for repairing the damages of the great technological accident in human history. They have witnessed shocking sights, risked their lives and are still suffering from irreversible medical problems. They fought an invisible enemy, and perhaps because of that - more formidable than any other enemy known to date. They fought - and won. Thanks to them, the emission of radiation that threatened to contaminate Europe causing millions of deaths has been stopped. The film presents the story of the Chernobyl disaster Liquidators, as a mosaic of stories and experiences, from the difficult past and the sad results of the present. The evidence of the Liquidators will be woven together into the bigger picture of the disaster, which is told from several different perspectives - by a senior engineer, a doctor in a hospital, a girl who was evacuated from Pripyat, a firefighter at number 4 nuclear power plant, an officer dealing with the removal of nuclear waste from the roof and others. Thirty three years later, some characters of the movie returned to their destroyed home. They reveal to us the picture, which is still hidden from view - both in terms of the impact of the disaster on the lives of all of us and in terms of the chances of preventing the next nuclear disaster.
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