Buenos Aires 100 Km (2004)

6.5 10 93
Buenos Aires 100 Km (2004)
Opis: A group of five friends around thirteen years old begin to understand that life is not simply about riding bicycles, playing soccer games, or, if they can, enjoying the summer. Guido works under his father's orders and is sometimes rewarded with a beating. Damian is an adopted child and, as such, suffers from an identity crisis that typically marks the teenage years. Matias is left outside his own house every night by his hateful parents. Alejo discovers that his mother has a lover and that women have desires and men have their failures. Esteban is the goal-keeper of the football team and, as such, has the central role among his friends. Esteban draws his generosity from his family. With their hormones kicking in due to reaching puberty, the boys become curious about women and begin to have sexual desires, yet they still have to deal with their parents and families. They begin to spend time outside a women's hairdressing salon. The five boys yearn to grow older faster and dream about a place outside of their small town.
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