Charlie Brown's All Stars! (1966)

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Charlie Brown's All Stars! (1966)
Opis: Charlie Brown's baseball team is pathetic (but you didn't have to be reminded of that), and after dropping two easy-as-pie pop flies in two games that would've helped them win, he doesn't deserve any slack either. So much so that the entire team finally decides to bail on him and enjoy summer like the other kids. Shortly after this happens, he gets a call from the owner of a local hardware store who wants to sponsor his team, bring them into organized little league, and (most importantly) get them uniforms. Charlie Brown manages to catch all the kids in one place and give them the good news. They get so excited at this idea that all of them (including the always crabby and skeptical Lucy) decide to pick up their caps, gloves, and bats and take the field again. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, the hardware store owner calls again and breaks it to Charlie Brown that the league rules forbid him to have the girls and Snoopy on his team, so Charlie Brown makes the moral decision to keep the team together rather then accept the invitation and uniforms. However, now faced with the inevitable backlash from his team (especially the girls and Snoopy, who would've been disgusted with him no matter which choice he made), he decides to wait until the end of the next game in hopes that a victory would boost their morale to the point they'd stay together, no matter what he told them about this. The pressure is on for Charlie Brown more then ever, as one more loss could destroy EVERYTHING for him beyond repair.
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