Cupid, Inc. (2012)

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Cupid, Inc. (2012)
Opis: A Cupid with a dubious record, Vernon Gart, is assigned a new case, posing as relational counselor to career bitch Eve Lovett, a relational disaster who is offered a last shot at true love if she manages match a couple during a short time. She hosts a TV talk-show produced by Rick, who spoils her having a crush she barely noticed any more then the names of their studio collaborators. Rick assigned her a Valentine's day special, just in time, but she keeps striking out due to insensitivity and bad character judgment aggravated by bad luck and poor research. The only working match, mailman Ben and her receptionist, is undone by a thereby broken-up couple. yet the solution is staring Eve in the face since long but gets tired of waiting.
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