Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round (1966)

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Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round (1966)
Opis: In seducing Dr. Marion Hague, the psychiatrist at the San Francisco area prison where he's being confined, convict Eli Kotch is able to secure parole, which he quickly violates in the reason for his want to get out of prison at this time: to carry out a heist at the bank at LAX, the heist which he plans to carry out at the same time as the Soviet premier's visit to Los Angeles when the authorities, including the airport police, would be preoccupied with security for that visit. A large part of the front end of the plan requires Eli to raise an additional $85,000 to purchase the bank layout blueprints. In doing so and to carry out the heist itself, Eli relies on his usual M.O.s of seducing women, much like he did with Dr. Hague, dropping them after he's gotten what he needs from them, and using a variety of personae, which not only includes disguises but also foreign accents. What happens with the heist may be affected by two unexpected things for which Eli may not have made contingencies. First, secret service discovers a breach in their security making them have to change their security detail from their original arrangements. And second, Inger Knudson, the personal secretary to a New England matron, Inger the woman on who he has the longest con, his seduction which includes a sham marriage, has something happen in her and by association his life.
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