Dhamaka (2021)

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Dhamaka (2021)
Opis: Arjun Pathak once a prime time news anchor for TRTV go demoted from his position due to unacceptable reasons and now works as an RJ for the same channel for current affairs.Arjun while of air gets a call from Raghubir Matha stating that he will blow the sea link but he takes it as a joke and asks him to go ahead and next moment the sea link is blown killing innocent lives.Arjun does not report about Raghubir to the cops but keeps a demand in front of his boss Ankita Malaskar that he will have to be given his prime time seat back if she wants to air the prime news on her channel.Ankita whose more concerned about her channel ratings strikes deal but Arjun will have to show the news what she wants.Arjun covers the news where Raghubir demands that the Chief Minister should come to his studio and say sorry to him during his live telecast or else there will be more destruction. But Ankita's only priority is to check her TRP ratings where Raghubir causes more destruction where Arjun looses his wife Saumya as well as causes trouble for himself.
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