Dr. Wai in the Scripture with No Words (1996)

5.7 10 91
Dr. Wai in the Scripture with No Words (1996)
Opis: Kit is a writer of serial adventures for a newspaper with a contract to write 100 stories a year. However, after two years of marriage the couple has problems giving writer's block after 93 stories. He sees himself as the hero in the adventures - the King of Adventurers in 1930s China. He still imagines the adventures that are affected by a possible divorce. He's still the hero in his fictional world with his wife, Monica, being the villain. His two "non-couple" friends at work and others working at the newspaper get their roles in his imaginary world. He meets Monica at a restaurant to discuss divorce. She brings a movie star and a lawyer. Kit's two non-couple friends watch from a distance. They later try to come with ideas as to finishing the last 7 stories which sends our hero and helper undercover as women to a ball at the Japanese embassy in Shanghai to snatch a letter that will lead him to a mysterious box and scripture. He falls in love with a woman (his/Kit's wife) there while in drag.
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