España, la primera globalización (2021)

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España, la primera globalización (2021)
Opis: October 12, 1492: Christopher Columbus discovers America. The arrival of the three Spanish galleons to the New World not only puts end to the dark Middle Age, but it opens a time of travels of discoveries that changed forever the world as it was known then. According the Spanish Empire expands its dominion and populates territories all along America and Asia through the centuries it creates an age of prosperity and richness as well as a great scientist advance in disciplines as astronomy, geography and mathematics. However, the different interests, hates and envies rooted in the heart of the old Europe will cause a social war against Spain, founding the Black Legend as an anti-Spanish and anti-catholic propaganda, promoted by different countries as Britain, Germany and Nederland, that it eventually were turned in the Hispanophobic that it continues existing. As response to this hate, López Linares reunites 39 different experts around the world between academic, historians, writers, politicians and priests in an attempt to tell the truth about the Spanish Black Legend and the real events behind the infamous Inquisition, witch-hunt, slavery, racism and ethnic genocides, as well as Spanish Royal Family and the rights and lifestyle of the common people. Using detailed historical documents and paintings of those times, the experts trace a travel in time to tell the role of Spain in the first globalization of the mankind and how Spaniards assumed forever (unfairly or not) the Black Legend as for real, ignoring and rejecting their own past for taking it as bad and degrading. An fascinating experience to rediscover the past as never it was made before.
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