Good Morning Christmas! (2020)

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Good Morning Christmas! (2020)
Opis: Hosted by ex-NFLer-turned-reality-dating-TV-show-star Brian Bright and traditional broadcaster Melissa Merry, Today with Bright and Merry airing on NYFamilyTV is the #1 morning talk show in the country. Their smiles to each other in front of the cameras mask animosity behind the scenes in their differing working styles, each believing his/her way makes the show the success that it is: Mel is always prepared, while Brian likes to wing it resulting in a more familiar, spontaneous product. Mel also believes that Brian has led a charmed life without having to work for it like she has. There are two fundamental changes to the show this Christmas season, a season Brian admits is something he personally doesn't celebrate; it's Mel's favorite time of year in partaking of family traditions. Their annual one-off show in a small town highlighting the town's Christmas traditions, this year in the town of Mistletoe, has been expanded to a week culminating with a primetime special on Christmas Eve. These changes were made in light of the announcement to both Brian and Mel at the same time of the second change, something that Mel didn't know was in the works: that the network has granted Brian's request to have his contract terminated--the request probably in no longer wanting to work with Mel--and they will announce Brian's departure on his last appearance: the Christmas Eve special. Mel thought she would be excited at this news, but she admits to herself that she's afraid of a drop in ratings with her new co-host. As they are forced to spend concentrated time together in their week in Mistletoe, as they learn about why the other is the way he/she is including Brian's aversion to Christmas, and as they partake in Mistletoe's Christmas traditions together, they change the way they view each other, both professionally and personally. Then Brian's actress girlfriend Christy arrives in Mistletoe with unexpected news about his possible future job--and the town's handsome deputy-mayor James seems to be showing romantic interest in Mel. and with what looks like Beyond if they are able to open up to the other about their new feelings, they, in potentially staying together as a professional team in addition to embarking on a personal relationship, have the obstacles of Christy, Brian's actress girlfriend who arrives in Mistletoe both unexpectedly and with unexpected news about his possible new job--and the town's handsome deputy-major James seems to be interested in Mel. —Huggo
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