Hatchet for the Honeymoon (1970)

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Hatchet for the Honeymoon (1970)
Opis: Thirty year old John Harrington is a fashion designer at his own fashion house specializing in bridal attire, the business and the mansion in which it is located and in which he lives he inheriting from his now deceased mother. He is also self-professed as a madman - something that no one knows - as he is the murderer behind the recent killings of five brides, all his clients, each bludgeoned to death with a cleaver on their wedding night. He has disposed of many of the bodies in his greenhouse incinerator. John has no idea why he kills, but knows that it is a compulsion that he will continue unless he figures out the reason. All he knows is it has something to do with the footsteps he hears in his head. Rosie Miller, one of his models, has gone missing, but he doesn't remember killing her or she mentioning that she was getting married, which would be a reason to kill her. Regardless, he has to hire a new model to replace Rosie, that person ultimately being Helen Wood, who eventually gets a little too close for his comfort. Another issue for John is the investigation of Inspector Russell, who only has John as the common denominator between all the murders and missing women. Meanwhile, John is facing further torment in the mutually unsatisfying marriage to Mildred, that dissatisfaction on her side due to his inability to perform sexually. This torment may be eternal as she vows never to leave him.
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