Mona Lisa (1986)

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Mona Lisa (1986)
Opis: After serving seven years in prison, the small-time criminal George is released. He seeks out his daughter, but his ex-wife does not let him talk to her. His friend Thomas meets him and gives back his Jaguar that he kept for him, and explains the new reality when George is impressed with how the neighborhood has changed. George is hired by his former boss Mortwell to work as the driver and bodyguard of high-class call girl Simone. In the beginning George is a misfit for the position, and does not get along with Simone, but gradually he befriends her--and falls in unrequited love with her. Simone looks for someone on the streets of the King's Cross district (London's red-light district in the 1980s) and asks George to help her to find the prostitute Cathy. George is involved with the underworld of prostitution and is chased by the dangerous pimp Anderson. When he finds Cathy, he discovers how Simone is connected to her.
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