Ni Tú Ni Yo (2018)

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Ni Tú Ni Yo (2018)
Opis: Guadalupe, the Black Hawk was the most famous fighter in Mexico, the hero of all children and his own little girl, Giovanna. His brother, Gabino, was the one who took him to the top when he started fight. However, years later they became distanced because of Gambino's addictions. After losing the most important fight of his career, Guadalupe becomes the mockery of everyone. Meanwhile, Gabino returns to connect with his family, especially with his brother. When everything seems lost, Miranda offers them the opportunity of a lifetime: their return to the rings. By agreeing to work together again, they'll realize that things are not as Miranda has promised them. They'll have to start from scratch with a new identity. Both have to work as a team to regain the name and prestige that Guadalupe once had.
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