Oro Arrowhead (2021)

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Oro Arrowhead (2021)
Opis: A man comes into town to settle his dad's affairs after his dad's death. When the man goes through some of his things, he discovers that his dad had been searching for a lost golden (oro) arrowhead. As he talks about his dad in town, he finds that people around the town do not want to talk anything about his dad in fear for what may happen to them. This intrigues the man and he sets out on a pursuit to find what lies at the end of his father's secret map. He discovers that there is an old story about gold that was stolen from a fort by two Native American brothers who escaped off of the Trail Of Tears in 1838. When the brothers were finally caught and killed, the mystery of where the gold was hidden becomes stories of folklore. He finds out that there are others who want to find the gold and the secret Oro (Gold) Arrowhead. And that they will stop at nothing to find it first.
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