Return to the Beloved (1979)

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Return to the Beloved (1979)
Opis: Former concerto failed, Julien (Jacques Dutronc) has become an obscure pianist, living in addition, separated from his wife Jeanne (Isabelle Huppert) and his son Thomas. She has resumed her life with Dr. Stéphane Kern (Bruno Ganz) and all three live in the old house of Julien, "The Hesperides" he wanted to leave his son. Julien, accepting this situation badly, resorts to the services of a certain Keller to whom he asks photographs where he must necessarily appear with the couple Jeanne-Stéphane. Then, having summoned him one night in the property, Julien kills Keller, "robs" the house and voluntarily leaves one of the photographs taken by his former partner. Thomas will discover Keller's corpse. The police, she, discovered the photograph that is there to confuse the doctor, which obviously denies not knowing the victim. As for Julien, invited by Jeanne to take care of Thomas very shocked by his discovery, he gets stuck in the house and tries to win back his wife of yesterday. But their reunion will be short-lived, the inspector and Kern surprise them one evening and exploding the truth.
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