Runway 34 (2022)

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Runway 34 (2022)
Opis: Vikrant Khanna is the captain of a flight traveling from Dubai to Kochi with passengers and crew of 150 and co pilot Tanya Alburquerque. Vikrant has a hangover of overnight party and is bit restless, the flight takes a smooth journey but when it reaches nearby to its destination the weather turns out to be very bad due to heavy rains and cyclone.The aviation department asks Vikrant Khanna to divert the flight towards Bangalore, but Vikrant decides to take a chance not once but thrice to land at Kochi but fails. With the amount of fuel left on the flight Vikrant decides to land in Trivandrum but the aviation department fails to provide them the information that the cyclone has approached Trivandrum and all flights are diverted. When the flight reaches Trivandrum, the cyclone has already approached and there is no visibility at all while the flight is also low on fuel. In this situation Vikrant's only motive is to save everyone's life, and he manages to land the flight safely with a narrow escape from imminent crash.Vikrant turns a hero to flight passengers but soon an inquiry is conducted on him and his co-pilot, Tanya, headed by Narayan Vedant.
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