The Frozen Dead (1966)

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The Frozen Dead (1966)
Opis: Dr. Rupert Norberg, a leading medical researcher for the Nazis, has been secretly at work in England for 20 years, learning how to reanimate a flash frozen Nazi force. He has been supported in this work with funds to cover the "castle" in which he works as well as care for his niece, Jean, whose father is one of the dozen "stiffs" in his locker. He can restore the physical bodies of the soldiers but has yet to get their brains reactivated. His assistant, Carl Essen, prematurely tells a former general that their goal is in sight. The general's appearance forces the assistant to push things further. Knowing that Norberg needs to study a live brain, Essen kills Elsa Tenney, the girlfriend that Jean, has brought home for the school holidays. Then he prompts Norberg to keep the head alive for study. At the same time, Dr. Ted Roberts arrives from the U.S. to assist Norberg in his research. His own work has been able to keep a dog's head alive in the laboratory. Elsa's head starts sending premonitions out that Jean picks up on. Although originally sworn to secrecy, Ted falls in love with Jean and switches his allegiance to help Jean stay alive and get to Elsa.
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