The Guardian (1990)

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The Guardian (1990)
Opis: From Chicago for a new job, Phil and Kate Sterling have moved into one of the remote canyon areas of Los Angeles. Within the year, Kate gives birth to their first baby, who they name Jake. Within a few weeks of the delivery, they make the decision for Kate to return to work as a designer immediately, which means hiring a full-time, live-in nanny. Of the prospects sent by the Guardian Angel agency, they hire Camilla Grandier, a young, beautiful British woman. They believe Camilla is the perfect nanny for Jake as she has an easy going, natural way of child-rearing. This view is supported by their new group of friends, one in particular, famed local architect and contractor Ned Runcie, who is attracted to her. Immediately after hiring Camilla, Phil begins to have dreams/nightmares concerning Jake and Camilla, these nightmares from which he awakens in a cold sweat solely because of how real they feel. Phil specifically begins to get warnings about Camilla, which he initially does not know whether to believe. If the specifics behind those warnings are indeed true, Phil and Kate will have to protect Jake and themselves against Camilla and the natural/supernatural forces surrounding her and one specific locale in the forested area behind their house.
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