Wild in the Streets (1968)

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Wild in the Streets (1968)
Opis: Wealthy twenty-two year old Max Frost - born Max Jacob Flatow, Jr. - is a rock music superstar, he a rock music franchise unto himself. He has cut ties with his parents, especially due to the control wielded by his overbearing mother, Daphne Flatow, that control against which he rebelled and is still rebelling in the form of having an entourage solely of young people, who he believes knows better than people even a few years older than them. Age-wise, the senior member of his entourage is his acid-dropping girlfriend, former child star Sally LeRoy, age twenty-four, the junior member being fifteen year old Yale law graduate Billy Cage, his business advisor and his band's guitarist. Max decides to endorse thirty-seven year old Congressman Johnny Fergus, running on the Democratic ticket for a California senate seat, as one of Johnny's platform policies is to lower the voting age to eighteen. Johnny happily accepts that endorsement because of Max's power over young people, whose votes Johnny is trying to court. But as Max sees that Johnny doesn't go far enough in his policies - Max believing the voting age should be fourteen so someone like Billy can vote - Max figures the best way to get what he wants is to start his own political machine, first within the current regulations of the land, then once "in", working from the inside to change the laws to transfer the power from the "old" - who he and his team see as anyone over thirty-four - to the young. The questions become how far Max and his team will go to ensure his vision of the world comes to fruition, and how far the establishment will go to try and stop him and his followers.
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