With Six You Get Eggroll (1968)

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With Six You Get Eggroll (1968)
Opis: Since the death of her husband, Abby McClure has had to be mother, father and breadwinner - taking over operation of the family lumber store business - to her three sons. Her sister, Maxine Scott, has tried to be matchmaker for Abby, much to her exasperation as Abby sees men eligible to her as those she would rather not associate. Abby changes her mind when Maxine reminds her of a casual acquaintance, widowed chemical engineer Jake Iverson, who she has not seen or thought about in six or seven years from before her husband's death. Based on some unfortunate situations and some misunderstandings, Abby and Jake's new-found relationship does not start off well. When a serious courtship does begin, their respective children - most specifically Abby's oldest, late teen Flip McClure, and Jake's only offspring, late teen Stacey Iverson - are their biggest obstacles as Flip and Stacey don't want their role of male and female head of their respective household replaced. When Abby and Jake eventually get married, one other pressure is how they will live while both their too small houses wait to be sold. Can their marriage survive all these issues?
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